Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 3 - Answers to Questions

We've now past the 48 hour mark and the team is hitting full stride. Today Michelle was in the OR by 5 am preparing for a packed day of surgeries. The team was through 6 cases by 10 am. I've moved to shooting more video, so watch for some posted stories tomorrow.

At 7 am the team started a case that was nothing short of amazing. I'd like to save the story for video, but I'll share it involves a law school where just 2 survived during a full afternoon of classes, a student being buried for 2 days, her brother digging her out just prior to the rubble being bulldozed away, an arm crushed beyond repair, and a surgical procedure today unlike anything I've ever imagined. You'll get the chance to meet her and hear her tell about what the Park Ridge team was able to do...

To your questions... several have asked about the team's sleeping and eating conditions - and one even asked what is Jimm up to? So today in text and photos - I thought I'd answer those questions.

Sleeping: Most of the group are in individual tents in hallways or outside on the roof - Food: We've got an amazing disaster relief team feeding over 3,000 meals a day to the patients, families, and staff here at the hospital - they have come together from around the world and often participate in relief work. They are known as the Supreme Master Ching Hai Disaster Relief Team. They are all 100% vegan so the food has been great and I don't have to wonder what I'm eating... Jimm: Today I bumped into him helping to organize and inventory a pharmacy that looks like Sidney's room after an in-room play date with friends. Later I found him trying to get a grasp on the need for qualified interpreters - even interviewing candidates outside. And this afternoon he was helping move medical supplies from the ADRA warehouse back to the hospital (video). We got back late this evening from another airport run.

If you have other questions or ideas for photos/video - please leave a comment or email me at - I'll get to them in a future post.

So many teams from around the world have come together at Hospital Adventiste d' Haiti to serve. There are many French medical teams outside taking care of all triage, pre-op and post-op care, there is a Canadian team, an Indian team, the Ching Hai Disaster Relief food prep team, a Spanish team arriving tomorrow, many American teams including the Park Ridge American orthopedic surgical team, and 100's of Haitians working to help those most harmed by the earthquake. Great stories with every conversation...

Fun final thought... I took a photo today you'll see at the end below - it's of 4 American trained, board certified / fellowship orthopods scrubbed in reconstructing a smashed pelvis. Where do you get that kind of expert attention in the US? Not Hopkins or Mayo - only the best for Haiti...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 2 - Rehabilitation and Recovery

Our day started with an early church service and a chance to meet many of the people who have made the grounds of the hospital their home for the past weeks. There are hundreds of people supporting family members who are learning to walk again, learning how to make the best of their new reality.

Mid-day I had the opportunity to accompany the Union College Rescue and Recovery team as they performed an amazing service at a multi-leveled building that collapsed, trapping many inside.

We accompanied Paula to the site and she shared that many of her family members still hadn't been pulled from the concrete pile. The team from Union performed their role with compassion.

The Park Ridge surgical team did more surgeries today than yesterday and the cases are getting even more varied. Tomorrow we have an amazing story to share - her surgery is at 7 am. Good Night...