Friday, January 29, 2010


Our first day is nearly behind us. There is so much need. There has been an amazing team here at the hospital since the earthquake - the patient flow through triage tents and into surgery is incredible despite the conditions...

Today, the Park Ridge team has been able to save limbs, deliver a baby, fix two broken anesthesia pumps, and help relieve a very taxed crew of clinicians.

The drive out to the hospital through Port-au-Prince was far more sobering than I expected. The photos don't do the experience justice...

To our families and friends, we are safe. Really. (Tiffany, stop reading) - We've had only 1 aftershock since arriving, but John said we couldn't tell Tiffany that. We do thank you for your continued prayers.

For years to come, the Haitian people will need our prayers and support. This will be difficult to overcome...

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  1. I find this post particularly interesting. A cart full of caskets down a ravaged road, but ending with a small child just beginning life. There's hope for the people of Haiti, it's just going to take some time.

    Thinking of you this Sabbath from sunny Florida.

    Tim and Erika Reiner

  2. Praying constantly for all of you and Haiti.

  3. You all are doing a great job for the people of Haiti. I don't think any of us can imagine how bad it is by just looking at the pictures. My prayers are with all of you and the people you are caring for. I also knoew that you would be delivering baies over there. Well, babies represent the beginning of life and hope.

    Patti Liby - OB @ PRH

  4. Jason. I read in the paper aboout all "supplies" having to go through the Haiti Government before they can be accessed; ergo they are all in ware-houses before they are distributed. Is this true? Are you having do deal with this? Keep us posted. You are all in our prayers and we are watching these blogs everyday. Thanks Ryan O'Neill RN