Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 2 - Rehabilitation and Recovery

Our day started with an early church service and a chance to meet many of the people who have made the grounds of the hospital their home for the past weeks. There are hundreds of people supporting family members who are learning to walk again, learning how to make the best of their new reality.

Mid-day I had the opportunity to accompany the Union College Rescue and Recovery team as they performed an amazing service at a multi-leveled building that collapsed, trapping many inside.

We accompanied Paula to the site and she shared that many of her family members still hadn't been pulled from the concrete pile. The team from Union performed their role with compassion.

The Park Ridge surgical team did more surgeries today than yesterday and the cases are getting even more varied. Tomorrow we have an amazing story to share - her surgery is at 7 am. Good Night...


  1. Michelle we love you and miss you from the whole family !! Sandra, Rob, Brandon, Me Amanda, Haley, Snoop, Mom, Dad, Chris etc... We love you and miss you The pictures are amazing smiles in such despair. May God Bless and be with you and all your team as well as all Haitians !!

  2. Dr. King & Dr. Neimkin & the entire team
    Thank you for going
    Thank you for for saving lives
    Thank you for being a vessel to God
    Know we are praying for you
    Keep Magnifying God
    Vicki and Yvonne Green
    Dr. King it was an honor to witness to you

  3. I just want to thank you for posting your awesomely sad pics on your blogsite. Our son is the one from Union College lifting the body onto the truck. He is the one with his back to the camera. His name is Garrett Brass he graduated from Union last May. Just wanted you to know. May God continue to bless them all as they are serving as His Hands.

  4. Wonderful life saving work! We are enjoying the jounalism Jason... as sad as it is there are amazing stories of hope unfolding before our eyes.
    God bless all of you!

    Bart Boeckler, Park Ridge Hospital

    1. Hello Bart How are things going, I heard that you left Park Ridge, do you mind me asking as to why this happened? We are all going to miss you being there! You brought a higher quality in personal care!

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