Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 4 - When the dust settles...

Most of the team was up all night - surgery cases till 2:30 am. Dr. Coston took a 1 day old infant (hand-bagging all the way) by small boat to the USS Comfort - he got back just before 3 am - he's now starting the first case in OR 1. The team is fighting for every life they can.

Hospital is becoming more of a walk-in clinic - the halls are getting more and more packed - we have tent city on the Adventist University just up the street - 13,000 people there - more and more of them are making their way down here for urgent care type needs.

Very full surgery schedule today...

Our hospital administrator (Andrew) is at the airport trying to get a military flight home to be with his family in Loma Linda for a much deserved break - he's gone 24/7 since just after the earthquake.

I'm leaving for the airport to pick up 300 cots and surgical supplies - we are working to coordinate the Florida Hospital crew which arrives Friday.

Rita and Suzanne are doing well - we've got video to post from them -

As the dust settles - I'll get back into photo/video mode - off to the airport now...


  1. Michelle let us know you are okay ??!! Love You Amanda !!

  2. Does anybody know if Andrew got the flight home?? Anxious, curious mom waiting to hear...

  3. Would love to hear from Michelle too!

  4. Rita, my friend Amber Adema is coming. She'll be with the Vargas's group serving at the hospital there. I forget which SDA group affiliated. She's a CRNA and I told her to look for your team and specifically you. She nervous, excited and ready to serve. She's got long red hair.

  5. Jason, your pictures are a powerful way to tell the story and bring to life what we read in the paper or hear on the news. You make it real and it grabs our hearts. I am going to use a few of these in PP at church (CDA) and am including your own picture with the boy fascinated by your camera. We have a church member headed to Haiti next week with a Maranatha group from LLU and we'd like to raise some $$ for her trip. Your picture story will speak volumns. Thank you - and we thank your dad for sharing your blog with us. Patti S