Monday, February 8, 2010

Team Park Ridge Safely Home...

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. The full Park Ridge team made it home this weekend. It was no small challenge getting 16 people out of Haiti. With no commercial flights - we had to come out on 3 different planes - one of them being a Cessna 205. We've got photos too....

I will be updating the blog all week with photos - and the "rest of the story" now that we have solid internet access.

The trip was such a blessing to our team and to the 100's of people who had surgery at the hands of the team.

We did well over 100 surgeries in our time in Haiti - and only 2 amputations (one was a finger). The Park Ridge team was very focused on limb salvage and often worked well into the night to ensure world-class care was being given to the people of Haiti.

The mats were an incredible success - I'm eager to get those pictures up as well.

A huge THANK YOU to the many supporters who made this trip possible!

Please check back in daily - downloading photos/video as I type -



  1. You have some GREAT photos! Thank you for sending such a great bunch to the Hopital Adventiste d'Haiti and ACTS/Operation Hope site!

  2. Jason - or someone - we've been following your blog as we are going to the same hospital with CURE in 10 days. wondering if one of your docs would be willing to talk to one of our docs before we go? Our doc is ER. if someone could email me to set up, that would be great! Ellen RN, ER

  3. Great blog. I hope you found all the medical supplies in Park Ridge that you needed for your trip. Looking at the pictures you really made a difference to the lives of people down there. Thank you for the pick me up of the day.